For when “just do it” doesn’t cut it.

Mountain lake in camera lens by Paul Skorupskas

Okay, I’ve been in a funk.

These past several days at work have been full of agony and guilt as I’ve tried and failed to force myself to focus and get anything done.

Finally I had the bright idea to Google “why…

Blue Wooden Door by Jan Tinneberg

I’m disappointed that I didn’t write this last piece to my January adventure back when it was still fresh. Thankfully, I did jot down a summary of how I was feeling in my journal on the day before my deadline.

Here’s what I wrote (sorry it feels disjointed):

The first…


I’ll keep this short.

Last week, I wrote that I had made it through the “All is Lost” point in the process of writing this draft, and I hoped that was actually the case.

As I feared, it wasn’t.

But don’t worry, this isn’t going to be depressing.

Last week…

Joseph Campbell Quote

The Report

Wow, this week did not go the way I expected.

After having a super great week, I was super excited to keep going on Monday. But, as I mentioned last week, I had hit a point where I felt I needed to stop and figure out the general direction I…

“Not sure if 98% excited, 2% scared, or if 98% scared, 2% excited.”

This week was a little bit of a mixed bag, but I’m officially breaking through some walls!

The Highs

I started off on Monday super strong! I met my goal, I was relatively efficient about it (and can see room to improve in the future), and I felt so excited and encouraged!

Image by Tom Gauld

So last week I wrote about how writing my first draft was going (answer: as rough as the draft itself). But I strengthened my resolve and determined to catch up this week. Which I did! TECHNICALLY.

I finally finished writing something for all of Act 1’s beats today, which, according…

“Cried but did the thing anyways” ribbon

I probably shouldn’t be writing this right now, but I just really feel the need to share this.

Last week I set and started working on a goal to write a rough draft of a video game script in 6 weeks.

My “stroke of genius” (that’s what it felt like…

Hand-written Sheet Music

I’m completely dumbfounded by composers such as Beethoven and Mozart who wrote complex music involving multiple instruments WITHOUT modern technology. Frankly, I have no idea how they did it. However, with all the easily-accessible tools we have today, you really don’t need to be a musical genius (or even a…

Writer’s Block I by Drew Coffman

How I have fun writing pieces I’m proud of, without all the perfectionistic nitpicking — no matter where I’m at in the writing process.

Having struggled with perfectionism for as long as I can remember, I know how impossible writing (or doing anything that matters to you) can often feel.

Sara MCdev

My passion is finding fun ways to bring together stories and other art forms with practical tools for learning and doing.

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